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  • Playa Americana Desert Photoshoot with Ivan Guajardo

    July 20, 2018 1 min read

    girl in black and sheer bikini with faux fur coat on

    Ivan Guajardo is an LA based photographer with a flair for integrating unique environments and subjects to create eye catching visuals. Capturing and creating experiences are at the top of the adventures he lives for! Wander down the rabbit hole, and into his world @ivyphotoig

    Playa Americana 

    Model: @itslorenamedina

    person wearing bathing suit wearing faux fur green coat


    person in sunglasses crouching on sand wearing faux fur purple coat
    person wearing green faux fur coat and black bathing suit
    person wearing purple faux fur coat, bathing suit, and black boots sitting on purple go cart
    person sitting on top of purple go kart wearing faux fur coat

    A note from Ivan 

    Being a vegan and an animal lover, there was an instant attraction to SpiritHoods. This one of a kind brand takes "conscious wear" to a new level, with a warm and fresh look, making faux fur fabulous. The looks that regenerates my models and amplifies settings, makes a perfect marriage of earthy glamour. This brand is kind, beautiful, and made with love, something the world could use a little more of. I love what they stand for. I love the fashion statement they make on. I'm a fan of SpiritHoods!