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    July 22, 2021 3 min read

    woman wearing animal inspired swimsuit

    If there is one thing we know, it’s swimwear! OK OK, we are definitely NOT aquatic experts, but we ARE experts when it comes to ANYTHING  animal-inspired, especially  animal prints! Swimwear is all about capturing the right aesthetic to accentuate your beach bod, and we’re going to showcase some of our top picks in animal-inspired swimwear. Think leopard print, cheetah print, zebra prints, snake prints... the list goes on.

    FUN FACT:  Did you know our funky faux fur brand once made animal-inspired bikinis!? What can I say, we were going through an experimental phase…  we still may revisit the watery realm of swimwear one day, but until then, have a look at our top picks for animal-inspired swimwear (that we didn’t make). 


    Beach Bunny Swimwear

    With a name like that… you know they’ve got some hits! Ranging in price from $120-$400, we’re definitely in love with the variety of styles and animal themed fabrics they offer! A departure from traditional animal print, Beach Bunny has an incredible assortment of colorful, creative designs inspired by animals. Here are a few of our faves:

    Minimale Animale

    Minimale Animale is known for their unique designs and minimal coverage. ;) With a more revealing style, they definitely have an adventurous take on the animal-inspired genre of bikinis. We give them 5 Gold Stars for creativity. And of course, some of our top picks:



    Ranging from $45 - $200, Ochie has a reasonable assortment of mid-tier priced swimwear that we were pleasantly impressed with. Considering summer is all about color, Ochie has certainly done a tasteful job of blending animal print with a ‘not too overpowering’ colorful vibe (as if there was such a thing). They even make  one of our favorite zebra cover ups! *swoon* Check'em out below:

    ViX Paula Hermanny

    Ok, ok.. had to throw these wildlings into the mix because, well, they have an entire collection of animal print bikinis. (Score!)  Now to be fair, calling them wildlings might be a bit of a stretch… but, they are classy, and have an assortment of animalistic swimwear to choose from. The average price for a bikini? $100. If you don't mind the price tag, definitely give their collection of cute and classy swimwear a look:

    Everything But Water

    Last but not least is the quaint brand, Everything but Water. Currently featuring their animal-inspired collection with an average price point of $90. We felt this was a must see as so few brands really feature animal print (other than leopard), and even rarer do we find an animal-print collection page! They have some especially creative takes on snakeskin! See for yourself:

    There you have it, animals! 

    A guide to swimwear that is wholly inspired by animals. If you’re anything like us and have a true passion for all things animal related, be sure to join the fur-free movement and follow us for tips, tricks, and opportunities to support the endangered animal kingdom! We hope you'll join us and others in our activism for global change by making real fur obsolete, being a voice for the humane and ethical treatment of animals, and voting with your dollars for brands that care.


    Check back soon to see a list of our favorite women's faux fur coats by brand.