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9 Virtual Trips to Stream Some Adventure Into Your Life

May 13, 2020

person sitting on bed working

Photo courtesy Andrew Neel from Pexels

It’s a tough time for adventurers. Being stuck at home is rough if you’re prone to wanderlust.

The good news is that the internet has a plethora of ways to tame your travel bug. Faux free! Here are some of the coolest live stream and virtual trips you can take without leaving your couch. 

Grab your favorite SpiritHoods and get ready to see the world — no passport required. 

African Wildlife

african lion

Photo courtesy Benjamin Suter from Pexels

The Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa is home to not only elephants but lions, rhinos, buffalo, and even leopards. Spend a lazy afternoon lounging in your Leopard Faux Fur Robe and feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful and rare animals on earth. With cameras on several watering holes, you can catch a glimpse of some amazing animals in the wild. Be sure to keep quiet about the rhinos though! Since they’re frequent victims of poachers, this endangered species must be protected. Please don’t mention that you’ve seen them even just on the live stream.

Check out the Tembe Elephant Park now

Disney Rides

Elephants disney ride

Photo courtesy Steve Armstrong from Pixabay 

A virtual wonderland of your favorite characters is waiting for you on YouTube. You can find full videos of nearly any ride from the theme parks. You’ll feel the bustle of the crowd and the excitement of the children eagerly waiting to ride. If you’re missing the magic of your favorite mouse, get a tiny taste of that with these unofficial videos. And don’t skip It’s A Small World — that’s a mandatory part of any Disney trip.

Get in (virtual) line for Disney Rides now

The Grand Canyon

person wearing faux fur hood sitting on faux fur throw overlooking scenery

Photo courtesy @morganinmountains

Take a virtual field trip to The Grand Canyon without leaving your living room. Explore the canyon’s floor while checking out millions of years of rock formation. No tourists, no traffic — just unobstructed beauty. You’ve never seen The Grand Canyon like this before.

Show me the Grand Canyon

Machu Picchu

alpaca walking around

Photo courtesy mailanmaik from Pixabay 

Hiking and exploring this ancient city is a lot of work. First, you have to get to Peru and then your body has to adapt to the altitude. OR you can skip all of that and check out the ruins at home — thanks to Google. Without breaking a sweat you can tour this bucket list destination.

Let's see Machu Picchu 

Mount Everest

mount everest

Photo courtesy AlexCuby from Pixabay 

Let’s be real here for a second. You’re probably never going to climb Mt. Everest. So forget about spoilers and check out this virtual trip. You can reach the highest summit on earth entirely through VR. The 360-degree views of this harrowing journey will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Let's explore Mount Everest

Northern Lights

northern lightsPhoto courtesy JHGilbert from Pixabay 

Witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights is something every adventurer should add to their bucket list. But in nature, there are no guarantees. You could plan a trip to Iceland or Alaska during the right time of year and still see nothing but clouds. Why not save your vacation days and check out this live stream instead? At least if you’re disappointed, you won’t be freezing to death.

See the Northern Lights from home

Panda Playground

pandas in the wild

Photo courtesy Diana Silaraja from Pexels

 Put on your Panda SpiritHood or jacket and spend some quality time hanging with your sloth. This live stream from a panda preserve in China features 11 different panda play areas. You can watch cubs wrestle with each other while their mama munches on bamboo. These cuties will keep you entertained as they go about their daily business. 

Watch pandas play all day

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

beach in hawaii

Photo courtesy Jed S from Pixabay 

Sit back, relax, and fix yourself a piña colada. Enjoy the beauty of Honolulu’s most famous beach — without the crowds. With this virtual trip to paradise, you can watch the surfers trying to catch a wave and take a peek at the magnificent Diamond Head. No sunscreen and no plane ticket required.

Teleport to Hawaii now

Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone national park

Photo courtesy David Mark from Pixabay 

If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone, you know waiting around for Old Faithful to erupt can feel like watching paint dry. Problem solved. This national park has live stream footage of America’s most famous geyser, plus 8 other areas of the park. Pull Old Faithful up on your TV during game night and get ready to cheer. When this geyser goes off you’ll celebrate just as much as if you rolled a Yahtzee.

Take a stroll through Yellowstone National Park today 

Enjoy Your Virtual Trip

woman sitting wearing faux fur coat

Photo courtesy @indie.danielle

When you’ve run out of Netflix docs to binge, check out these awesome virtual trips. One way to keep your spirits up is by planning your next adventure. Maybe the pandas in China or The Grand Canyon are calling your name. 

Start planning your next IRL trip now!

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