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11 Must See Celebrities With Animal Spirit

1. That one time we were on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'leary, Barbra Corcoran and Robert Herjavec!

2. Jared Leto channels his inner Husky Spirit when he’s not too busy being the sexiest man on earth... 

over and over again...

3. Every Christmas, Ari unleashes her inner Leopard Spirit. Meow!

She even shares her Leopard love with her bestie! #PawsUp

4. Vanessa Hudgens turned Conan O'brien into an adorable Husky! Watch the full video

5. Wiz Khalifa blazed the world with the Fire Wolf SpiritHood.

6. When night falls, Snoop Dogg turns Grey Wolf... Aroo! 

even on Thanksgiving... Bow wow.

7. Bruno Mars unleashes his inner Grey Wolf and even made a song about talking to the moon... 

8. Ellie Goulding is  a proud Member of the Leopard Tribe! 

9. Skrillex rocks his custom Black Wolf on stage. Aroo! 

10. Aaron Paul Breaks Good in his Panda Hood!

11. Christian Bale rises from Dark Knight to full blown Tiger! 

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Nadine Izaguirre
Nadine Izaguirre