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  • SpiritHoods® Buying & Re-selling Tips

    April 13, 2018 2 min read

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    One of our missions at SpiritHoods is to deliver the highest quality and most creative products to our customers. Occasionally, our team will get an opportunity to purchase fabrics that are very unique and extremely limited in quantity and difficult to recreate.

    hand holding phone that says sell on the screenWe know this can sometimes be frustrating but the only other option would be to never reveal some of our most loved creations to the world, and that just feels wrong.  So, instead we release products in limited stock because we have no other choice. This can lead to people re-selling their items or trading, and we feel it’s important to be aware of a few key points when buying, selling or trading SpiritHoods products.

    Please remember that SpiritHoods cannot regulate the re-sell value of any SpiritHoods® products. The value of Collectors Edition and Limited Edition products can exceed the original purchase price, and SpiritHoods® has no control or influence over the re-sell value.

    The safest and most secure way to acquire a SpiritHoods product is through spirithoods.com, however, we understand that from time to time items may no longer be available or have been sold out, and the only way to acquire a specific SpiritHoods® you may be drawn to is to purchase from a private seller.

    So, if you are going to purchase a product from a private seller here are a few guidelines, please remember that we can offer no assistance in this process nor do we have any control in the outcome, so please take the necessary precautions to ensure you receive what you are asking for.

    Be sure to acquire images of the actual product from the seller, not just product shots from the website. Images taken from the SpiritHoods website to re-sell do not show the condition of the garment, nor do they validate that the person truly has the item you are requesting.

    We recommend that you inspect the product in person before purchasing the item. If you cannot do so than ask the re-seller for a quick video and photos before purchasing.

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    Be sure that whichever payment method you use is secure. Many people have had success with paypal, but please be sure to ask for tracking and it would be wise to have an email confirmation of the person selling the item.

    Request that the item is sent with tracking.

    A note to customers trying to re-sell a Spirithoods® Product:
    If you attempt to re-sell a SpiritHood before you have received your order from SpiritHoods.com, we reserve the right to cancel your order. This is to protect both the buyer and the seller.

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