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  • How to Get Featured #SpiritHoods

    June 29, 2017 1 min read

    How to Get Featured #SpiritHoods

    Want to get featured on our Facebook, Twitter or Newsletter? Follow our #WTW Calendar to increase your chances & don't forget to #SpiritHoods on all your posts! 

    Here's what we're looking for... 


    Strike a pose in your newest Hood, Coat, Throw, Crop Jacket. #NewHoodWhoDis  


    Steal your fur baby’s pose or snap a pic of them in your Hood or Throw!



    Howl to the moon in your favorite Wolf product. 



    Take a pic / repost a pic of your first, second or third (or fourth or fifth) SpiritHood.



    If you’re foxy and you know it, show off your favorite Fox product.



    Time to strut your meowtastic cattitude! 



    Share your SpiritHoods love story / adventure.

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