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  • 7 things you need to know this festival season

    March 18, 2016 2 min read

    7 things you need to know this festival season

    Head into Festie Season like a pro with @TheFestivalGuys top 7 Festival Essentials!

    1. Be Prepared For The Weather

    It’s pretty simple: if you’re not prepared for the weather, you won’t enjoy the festival. In addition to sunscreen and sunglasses, prepare for cold temperatures by bringing warmer clothing you can layer, and a poncho and mud boots if there’s a chance of rain.

    2. Hands Free Hydration

    Staying hydrated at a festival is critical to if you’re planning to dance all day. Make sure your water device (hydration pack, water bottle, collapsible water bottle) can attach to you (or your belt, or backpack, etc.) and leave your hands free for high fives.

    3. Unleash Your Inner Animal

    There’s something magical that happens when you wear a SpiritHood at a music festival. Suddenly you see more smiles headed in your direction, and you end up making more friends. They (the SpiritHood, but maybe your new friends, too) can also keep you warm when the day turns to night. 

    4. Don’t Run Out Of Juice

    While you shouldn’t spend your festival time staring at your phone, your device can definitely be useful for capturing special moments and coordinating with friends. Make sure you get a Mobile Power Pack and stash your phone cable in a pocket. You’ll always have battery power when you need it. 

    5. Pimp Your Tent

    You want your tent to stay cool during the day and be visible at night. Accomplish this by putting an Emergency Blanket over the top and using a fan to increase airflow. Light it all up with battery-powered Christmas lights, and you’ll be able to locate your temporary home at night. 

    6. Be Seen, But Not Destructive

    At a festival, being visible at night is important because it allows everyone to easily navigate around each other. Instead of using glow sticks, which are just single-use trash, check out these visibility bands from Duracell and Tracer360. They’re both battery-powered and change colors, so you can match your mood. 

    7. Organize your Festival Schedule

    FestEvo is a free mobile app that allows you to listen to every artist on every festival lineup and rank them so you can easily determine which acts you should see. When a festival schedule is released, FestEvo lets you print your own custom version of it, with each artist color-coded based on your rankings. 

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