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  • SpiritHoods Top 10 Instagram Dogs

    March 23, 2018 1 min read

    husky staring up with tongue sticking out

    Here's a look at our most liked dog photos on Instagram. Want your furbaby to make the list next time? Use #SpiritHoods on Instagram for a chance to get featured. 

    1. @siberianhusky_jax 

    husky wrapped in faux fur shawl

    2. @henrythecoloradodog 

    dog wearing faux fur shawl with cat sleeping on its head

    3. @2husketeers 

    two husky dogs lying on top of each other with faux fur throw over them

    4. @brettharpster & @taylor.harpster 

    dog with human wrapped in person's faux fur coat


    5. @goldilocksandthewolf 

    two dogs playing in snow with person wearing faux fur coat

    6. @graywoof 

    two dogs wearing faux fur shawls

    7. @tango_much 

    man holding husky while wearing black hat and faux fur coat

    8. @husky.trio_trae 

    dog howling while hanging over couch on faux fur blanket

    9. @husky.trio_trae 

    husky wearing faux fur shawl while licking face

    10. @husky.trio_trae 

    husky wearing faux fur hood

    Bonus: @graywoof 

    husky wearing faux fur shawl

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