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Why Lions Aren’t Shy and Wolves don’t Play by Rules

June 04, 2015

Why Lions Aren’t Shy and Wolves don’t Play by Rules

What if I told you that your life has always been destined for greatness? It has. It’s not the reality of our life that limits us, but the belief that we are a product of what life gives us. We are not passive beings living on puppet strings waiting for the next scene to play. We are active masterminds that have pens in our hands and storybooks in our names. Legends in the makings, we are a nature of many kinds, yet one thing amongst all of us remains true:we were created to be bold; we were created to be free.

Lions aren’t shy and wolves don’t play by rules.  Because they are in tune with their greatness and their power. They survive on their strengths, not their insecurities and fears.

There once was a 10 year old girl, whose father grabbed her hand and walked her past a line that continued on for miles. They walked and walked for what felt like eternity. Finally right at the very front of the line, he stopped, smiled at the people now behind them, and so gently patted the security man’s shoulder, “what’s up my man!” and handed him their tickets.

Did her dad, a Polo wearing, five-foot nine man, know this incredibly tall, serious faced, perfectly suited security guard? No way in hell, but now he was his mate– and they were laughing. Before the girl knew it their nose-bleed seats, that were scouted out front from some sketch-ball, turned into floor VIP’s. She was practically sitting on Kobe Bryant’s lap, and yes, she was royal.  Her dad looked at her in that moment and said something she’d never forget: “lines are made for people who are willing to wait in them.”

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Lion’s don’t wait in lines, and wolves, they’re front row. If a lion waited behind the other animals in order to get his food for the day, he would starve to death. The nature of the lion says, “if I do not wake up first, I may not eat. If I don’t take advantage of feeding myself in this moment, there may not be another.” Lions are not shy; lions roar. The lion makes her rounds in the night. She is not concerned with the fact that most of the jungle is asleep. She does not move according to the rhythm of the others, nor the beat of commonality– she is a power beast and her intrinsic value is nothing less than what she is: strength.

The alpha wolf doesn’t sometimes lead his tribe, he always does. The wolf is hungry, not in appetite, but in desire: he is insatiable. Their dominance demanded by posture and vocality, wolves desire to be alphas. While the wolf does indeed follow daily rules and rituals, he does so with a free spirit. He is not bound to his rules, yet empowered by them. They are instrumental to his hustle. He doesn’t play by the rules of the lands he lives, he plays by his own. Trusting his own insights and governing his own life, the wolf is disciplined to the things that make him rise, and then he does just that: he rises.

Today, I challenge you this– stop hiding your greatness. Be f#@ing’ great. You were not created to hide in the corner or bite your tongue. Tap into that burning spiritthat is pulsating within your being, screaming to be unleashed. Expect more from yourself than anyone else in the room, because like the alpha wolf, you were designed to lead– and lines, they weren’t made for you.

Written By Tribe Sister: Jenna Todey
Instagram: @Todeyjenna
Twitter: @JennaTodey


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