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8 Inspirational Spirit Animal Interpretations

Featured Artist: SpiritHoods Tribe Member, Alissa Narvaez (@AlissaNarvaez). 

1. Cloud Realms 

With the majestic and divine Unicorn spirit by our side, the dream world can be perceived and explored. Our vision is pure and clear, allowing for a glimpse into other realms and dimensions. The majestic Unicorn will also allow us to walk between the realms in order to discover a renewed faith, a faith that the Unicorn draws her glorious energy from.

2. Celestial Sparkle

Known to be shape shifters, the Red Fox can express itself in the most clever and cunning forms. The Red Fox’s wisdom and quick thinking sparkles and shines through any situation to help achieve goals. This being's unique high level of awareness and passionate energy can also be utilized for dream work. 

3. Ritualistic Trance 

Harnessing the strength of the White Wolf, the DJ can unleash a wave of energy that permeates the entire vibe of the dance floor. It flows amidst those craving to feed on the luscious and effervescent tones that stream throughout the hidden spaces. The DJ’s performance is much like the call of the White Wolf; it vibrates through our cells and what seems to be the entirety of our being, hitting us on all levels.

4. Dreamlike Aura

A dancers determination is matched by the Falcon’s visionary power and swiftness. Purpose, agility, and mental speed are all focused into an intense burst of energy that culminates into a fanciful display of physical gestures. The energetic appearance of such a spirited vitality flowing from a skilled dancer shows one who has an understanding of grace and freedom. 

5. Projecting Forth 

In the astral dimensions, our spirit is free to explore and wander as it pleases. We may encounter others beings that exist or have traveled to these dimensions. Astral wildlife has many concepts to teach and show the human race. The White Wolf calls us forth to search for new paths and welcome new journeys to enter into our lives. The wolf’s strength can also be relied upon during harsh travels.

6. Primal Essence 

The introspective Grizzly can show us the inner spirit and peacefulness of the soul, but only if one can overcome their own hostility first. Our subconscious is a fiery plane, which requires grounding and mindfulness through mediation as well as action. The Grizzly is a creature of duality and can show us both the darker and lighter aspects of the Universal energy... if we allow it.

7. Shadow Healer

The fierce Leopard spirit reaches deep into the shadow realms. Her spirits beautifully charmed aura is swift and shy to remind hidden. Pushing humanity forward in time and space with confidence, this wild energy creates an atmosphere ripe for rebirth and renewal. Healers can then open gateways for new life chapters to open by channeling this pure and raw energy.

8. Sacred Space

We are all linked to one another through innumerous and magical ways that seem to be unexplainable. The Tigers vivacious and powerful strength, passion and devotion are constantly being reflected in the spirit and willpower of humanity. In our rare moments of pure solitude and wonder, we can find that timeless fundamental connected-ness we all so desire. In this moment, we are free to “be” in the sacred space that dwells within each of us, a space that dwells even in the heart of the graceful and elegant Tiger.

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Nadine Izaguirre
Nadine Izaguirre