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5 Shocking Endangered SH Animals in America

According to National Geographic these are some of the most endangered Animals in America. 

5. Bald Eagle - Approximately 20,000 

Did you know? The banning of DDT in 1972 saved this raptor and other birds from disappearing. 

4. Grey Wolf - Approximately 4,128 

Did you know? The Grey Wolf has made a healthy comeback in Minnesota BUT it's been a battle to conserve the grey wolf.

3. Polar Bear - Approximately 3,500

Did you know? Polar Bears have become critically endangered due to the unprecedented shrinking of sea ice. 

2. Grizzly Bear - Approximately 1,500

Did you know? Poaching, habitat destruction, and conflicts with humans still threaten their path to recovery. 

1. Red Wolf - No more than 330

Did you know? 200+ of the remaining 330 red wolves are being cared for in captivity in efforts to keep them from going extinct. 

Want to help? 

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Nadine Izaguirre
Nadine Izaguirre