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Help Predator Defense save the Oregon wolves!

There are only 81 wolves left in Oregon. 

Our Non-Profit Partners, Predator Defense recently joined other groups in filing a lawsuit that challenges the federal government's ability to kill any of the 81 gray wolves remaining in Oregon. 

We recently donated $1,500 to help support this initiative. Over the years, we have donated $120,000 (not including 2015) to the conservation of endangered animals. Help us save the Wolves from our home state of Oregon. 

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Learn more about Predator Defense

Watch Predator Defense's award-winning film "EXPOSED" to learn more Four brave souls go on the record in EXPOSED, showing Wildlife Services for what it really is.

Other ways to get involved

  1. Help spread the word: Share it, Post it, Pin it... you get it ;) 
  2. Take it to the streets! Here's a story from some of our Tribe Members: 

A small group of Montana Tribe Members are working on a ballot initiative to end recreational trapping on public land (1/3 of the state). They bravely spend hours volunteering at various locations wearing SpiritHoods with real leg-hold traps attached to them to help attract attention and gain signatures.

“We wear the SpiritHoods in honor of the animals who have suffered and lost their lives.” -Anonymous Tribe Member

If you are a registered voter in Montana please visit to learn how you can help! This initiative needs over 24,000 signatures… every signature counts.

Or join the Grey Wolf Tribe

Nadine Izaguirre
Nadine Izaguirre