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10 Reasons Your Spirit Animal Might Be A Bear

1. You’re always super friendly!

    2. People find you “comfy” and like to use you as a resting place.

    3. You’re a bit of a “foodie.” 

    4. Not to mention, a dancing machine. Now watch me whip...

    5. You’re known for your bear hugs. 

    6. You’re always up for a swim. 

    7. You don’t mind being big spoon. 

    8. Spending quality time with loved ones is one of your fav things to do. 

    9. But getting a little peace and quiet is your thing, too. 

    10. And after an epic fail, you always end up looking like this:

    Do you have the Spirit of a Bear? Join the BEAR TRIBE

    Nadine Izaguirre
    Nadine Izaguirre